Dew’s  Adventures  Story 

This is the post excerpt.


Dew Contessa Ambition is a yellow labrador and was born on April 19 2011 

Parents name : His mother’s  name is  Barefoot Contessa

Father : Titanic Ambition

Sister:  Lily Contessa Ambition

After 2 months Mr & Mrs Robey bought Dew and Lily  a black lab on same day Tori was the one who named Lily , and Zach their son named Dew after his favorite drink mountain  Dew. 

The family raise them on their 70 acre farm with 2 ponds and creeks. 

Dew learned how to sit and give handshakes  before getting his treat when he was one year of age according  to Zach , even ride in a car..

And year 2015 he started his day to day journey of leaving the house and wanders around in certain areas  like schools,  firehouse, nearby neighbors houses and apartments.  He meets new friends and revisits them again , every day he never forgets to come home to eat his meal with his sister Lily.

Dew and Lily  stay in 2 houses, either in Robey’s  or in  Lee’s  family  (Stew Zach’s  brother,  Mandey & Jordan) with their male cat Colby.  They live a life with full of love from the family.  
During summer or fall  ,  the family spends time to the farm on weekends,  ride the golf cart  ,  with the dogs following  them , fish , mow the fields. These are  Favorite seasons of Dew and Lily because of squirrels , rabbits running around the area. 

Mrs Robey , Karen  loves to beautify her garden at the front and back porch , and those bushes that she plants are the dogs favorite pillows. So cute to imagine  to see the dogs doing that , but she just let them to do so…that’s  how much love she gives them. 

They all have foods and drinks ready for the dogs in the garage anytime the dogs feel of eating.

Unlike Lily who always ready to jump on the water in the creek or on the ponds , Dew  is always careful , he doesn’t  want his ears to be exposed on the water, because of the ear infection that he got before. 

Dew knows  the routine of the establishments nearby , when they cook out , expect Dew would  be there to get his part, especially in Zoneton  fire department.  

Dew visits the kids in the school too, not one but everyone in there, they enjoy the company of Dew, Ms Kim a teacher from Little  Flock Christian Academy  took alot of pictures  and shared them on Dew’s  facebook page , Dew’s  Adventures…
People discovered the momentous journey of Dew  when he was once discovered by teen Tyler Wilson who was pumping gas last week of January  2017, Dew came up to him , thinking the Dew was lost until he saw the tag on his collar with his name and a phrase that caught up his attention ” My name is Dew, I’m not Lost, I like to roam, Tell me to go home…the interesting line made him think that Dew just loves to wander for an adventure.  Tyler shared his moment with Dew on Twitter , and it went viral , not only within United States but worldwide.  Enormous  articles on websites , newspapers were written about him from different countries , and in different  languages. 
The true story  of Dew  captured the heart of many 
One touching story of Dew’s is a lady called us saying dew was at her house. She lived 2 streets over. She was on her porch crying and really going thru a hard time. Dew had come up on her porch and consoled her. We told her we would come get him if he was bothering her. She said no he was her angel that night and she would tell him to go home when she went in side. He is such a loving dog… 


Give them your heart  and they will theirs to yours

His day to day journey  marks  a remarkable experience  to every  human  he meets.  His adventures  will always be the inspiration  and motivation to everyone that we can share happiness even without saying a word but by good deeds that we accomplish…